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Respect for all genders.




Silver Gummy's mission is to use education as a means of reducing violence, primarily sexual and domestic violence.  Harmful notions of masculinity and femininity that can lead to negative behaviours are largely formulated in childhood. With this in mind we hope to speak to youth while their outlook on gender is still developing.


The hope is to cultivate self esteem, a respect for all genders and an understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.  

We recognize that change is only possible when research institutions, community programming, schools and youth have reciprocal relationships of teaching and learning.  


We look to fund innovative organizations that strive for achievement in the area and are willing to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders.



Silver Gummy Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Michael Kehler in the position as Research Professor in Masculinity studies in Education at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education.


Why Silver Gummy?

The name "Silver Gummy" was born from three objectives:


1.  To Be Gender Neutral:

Neither the colour nor the metal are viewed as masculine or feminine and we're guessing that you don't know what gender a gummy bear is.


2.  To Appeal To Youth

We recognize the talents, abilities and potential of children and teens. We rely on them to make the world a better place to be, so the very least we can do in return is have a name that is more fun than stuffy.


3. Who doesn't love gummy bears?!?!

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Letter of Interest

Do you have a project that meets our objectives? We are looking for Alberta-based organizations that are developing programs and solutions around sexual and domestic violence through education.  We recognize the complexity of this problem and are approaching it from a variety of perspectives.  We are particularly interested in the influence that social constructs of gender, masculinity and femininity have on criminal behavior.

Please complete this form for consideration.

Our average gift is $60,000 per year for three years but we can increase or decrease this amount in accordance with the needs of the project.

Instructions for Completing the LOI

Please save a copy of the PDF to your computer.  In ADOBE click on the Fill & Sign option under Tools. Use the space provided to complete the form. Email your completed form to

If your organization or project is selected, you will be contacted to setup a site visit and to complete a more detailed grant request.

If your organization is not selected, we will be in touch with you with feedback on your application in the first quarter of the calendar year.

We fund projects/organizations that are innovative and strive for achievement in the area of gender education with today’s youth.  As part of our evaluation process you and your organization are willing to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders.

Site Visits and Detailed Funding Requests

Based on what you submit for consideration in your LOI will determine the type of information we will be seeking for your detailed funding request.  The Silver Gummy Foundation approaches is funding relationships as true partnerships, as such our granting process is hands-on and customized to what you are presenting as the solution/funding opportunity.  

We will be requesting a site visit and meeting with your organization's key leadership and program implementation team. We may also invite you to present to our grants committee depending on the nature and size of the funding request.

Once we have done a review of your organization and project you are seeking support for we will be in touch about how the Silver Gummy Foundation will work with you. 

Dr. Michael Kehler is hired!

Silver Gummy Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Michael Kehler in the position as Research Professor in Masculinity studies in Education at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Kehler completed his undergraduate degree s (B. A. Hons, B.Ed) at Queens’ University. Following years of teaching high school English within Canada and abroad, Dr. Kehler pursued his Ph. D from Michigan State University. He taught at the Faculty of Education and Women's Studies at Western University, London, Ontario for 17 years before accepting the position at UofC.

This professorship is part of a larger objective of the Silver Gummy Foundation to integrate academic research with front-line solutions.  Dr. Kehler’s research addresses the intersection of gender and education more broadly and specifically explores masculinities, schooling, literacies, men as change agents, counter sexist politics, body image, health education, bullying, homophobia and team sport. His ongoing research centres on the ways boys and men navigate school spaces and learn what it means to be a man. Largely drawing on masculinities scholarship and feminist research, Dr. Kehler has contributed to the field of study in education by challenging more static and linear arguments that conflate gender and sex. 

For more information about Dr. Michael Kehler 

Read about Dr. Kehler in the latest UofC publication.