Respect for all genders.




Silver Gummy's mission is to use education as a means of reducing male perpetrated violence, primarily sexual and domestic violence.  Harmful notions of masculinity and femininity that can lead to negative behaviours are largely formulated in childhood. With this in mind we hope to speak to youth while their outlook on gender is still developing.


The hope is to cultivate self esteem, a respect for all genders and an understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.  

We recognize that change is only possible when research institutions, community programming, schools and youth have reciprocal relationships of teaching and learning.  


We look to fund innovative organizations that strive for achievement in the area and are willing to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders.



Why Silver Gummy?

The name "Silver Gummy" was born from three objectives:


1.  To Be Gender Neutral:

Neither the colour nor the metal are viewed as masculine or feminine and we're guessing that you don't know what gender a gummy bear is.


2.  To Appeal To Youth

We recognize the talents, abilities and potential of children and teens. We rely on them to make the world a better place to be, so the very least we can do in return is have a name that is more fun than stuffy.


3. Who doesn't love gummy bears?!?!

Silver gummy 1.png