Dr. Michael Kehler is hired!

Silver Gummy Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Michael Kehler in the position as Research Professor in Masculinity studies in Education at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Kehler completed his undergraduate degree s (B. A. Hons, B.Ed) at Queens’ University. Following years of teaching high school English within Canada and abroad, Dr. Kehler pursued his Ph. D from Michigan State University. He taught at the Faculty of Education and Women's Studies at Western University, London, Ontario for 17 years before accepting the position at UofC.

This professorship is part of a larger objective of the Silver Gummy Foundation to integrate academic research with front-line solutions.  Dr. Kehler’s research addresses the intersection of gender and education more broadly and specifically explores masculinities, schooling, literacies, men as change agents, counter sexist politics, body image, health education, bullying, homophobia and team sport. His ongoing research centres on the ways boys and men navigate school spaces and learn what it means to be a man. Largely drawing on masculinities scholarship and feminist research, Dr. Kehler has contributed to the field of study in education by challenging more static and linear arguments that conflate gender and sex. 

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